Our Clients

Some of our clients include:


“I have only had good experiences with Wellnz and have only had positive feedback from our employees. In the odd case where we have had adverse employee feedback, it is more about the employee not being cooperative versus the services that Wellnz has provided. I like the idea that Wellnz acknowledge that the ongoing relationship is important and we can contact our Case Manager or above if we have any concerns and they are proactive about those concerns. I feel they are on-board with the teamwork approach. We are very happy with all of the team that are in place. Very professional and I feel we can trust their advice and feel we can voice any concerns relating to our employees or the process.”

-Paku Edwards, Safety, Security and Wellbeing Manager, Wellington City Council

Case Studies

Case Study 1

An Employer contacted Wellnz to see if we could assist one of their employees who had multiple health problems. He was going to undergo surgery for a condition that could potentially leave him with issues that would inhibit his return to work (RTW).

Initially the Employer was considering medically retiring the Employee. The Employee had worked for the company for many years and apart from his genuine health problems that caused him to have some special needs, had always been a loyal and reliable worker. The Employee’s manager did not know how to approach the medical providers to obtain the information they required to support and manage the Employee’s special needs on an ongoing basis.

Wellnz assigned a Case Manager to this case whose first step was to meet with the Employee, Site Manager and his Supervisor, explain what they would do, and get consent from the Employee. It was clear at the meeting the Employee didn’t want to lose his job however, due to the nature of his work tasks and the environment he was exposed to it wasn’t looking hopeful, so he was very grateful when Wellnz stepped in.

The Case Manager gathered information and kept in contact with the Hospital Medical Registrar regarding his surgery outcome, recovery and his fitness for work. The Specialist also contacted us after the surgery to give an up date, and assured us the post surgery cares had gone well.

The Hospital Registrar phoned several times throughout the recovery to advise of progress and when the Employee was managing his self cares independently to start the RTW process.

The Employee made a full recovery and returned to his pre-accident job. The Employee and the Manager were so happy with the outcome and the information provided to them to make this return to work possible. All parties have made contact with Wellnz to let us know how successful things have gone and thanked us for our input.

The Wellnz Case Manager have since managed two other cases with this same Employer now in relation to illness and return to work, as they have seen the value in getting professional assistance in to help keep their good Employees in the work force.