Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP)

Wellnz can help you gain discounts off your ACC premiums by improving safety processes. At Wellnz, we understand not only the need to look after the health of your employees but also their safety. We have extensive experience in system design and implementation, ACC’s discount programs, and what is required as a company to achieve a high level of employee health and safety. We can provide consultancy services to your business to help develop and maintain your health and safety policies and programme.

Level Performance Discount
Primary Entry level 10%
Secondary Good practice 15%
Tertiary Continuous improvement, best practice framework 20%

Wellnz can provide:

  • Assessment of your companies suitability
  • Audit of your current health and safety practices using the ACC audit tool as a benchmark
  • Identification of gaps if your present system and recommendations for improvement
  • Systems development and training where necessary to facilitate entry into the programme

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