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Work Claims

Wellnz want to support you to access information and forms independently. Below are some common questions and links to download forms you may need for your work injury claim.

Weekly Compensation

Once cover is confirmed, for your work injury, Wellnz/your employer will consider whether you are entitled to have weekly compensation, if you have time off work for the covered injury.

The Accident Compensation Act 2001 states you are entitled to receive up to 80% compensation for loss of earnings as a result of your injury. This amount is known as weekly compensation and is based on information provided by your employer on your earnings prior to your incapacity. Some employers choose to pay more than the ACC requirement, please discuss this with your Case Owner.

How we calculate your payments when you’re off work:
Wellnz assess your entitlement and advise your employer. Your employer pays you through your normal payroll.

What happens if you go back to work:

  • You must be cleared to return to work, in any capacity, by your medical practitioner
  • You must let your Case Owner know
  • Until you return to work fully any earnings you received will be considered and your entitlement reassessed.

For more information regarding Weekly Compensation we suggest getting in touch with Wellnz or ACC. Or alternatively this fact sheet provides additional information.


ACC contribute what is called a regulated amount to most treatments. Your medical practitioner may charge more than this, which is known as a surcharge and you may be required to pay this.

Some employers choose to cover the surcharge. If you are not sure if this is covered or not please speak with your Case Owner or your internal Safety & Wellbeing Team.


Below are forms you may need to complete when you are dealing with a work injury claim. **AEP refers to ACC’s Accredited Employer’s Programme.

  • ACC6586: An ACC brochure about Third Party Administrators (TPAs).
  • AEP Generic Information: Shows some basic information regarding the general claim process.
  • AEP Weekly Compensation Fact Sheet: Shows some basic information regarding Weekly Compensation for work related injury claims.
  • Application for Review: Complete this application to lodge a review of a decision we have made on your claim.
  • Authority to Act: Allows someone else to act on your behalf in relation to your claim, such as a partner or legal representative.
  • Bank Details Form: Form used to verify your bank details – required for reimbursements.
  • Consent & Fact Sheet: Allows Wellnz to get medical information from providers so that we can best manage your claim.
  • Entitlement Fact Sheet: Explains a range of entitlements that may be available if you have an accepted claim.
  • Reimbursements for Pharmaceuticals: Claim form for reimbursement of pharmaceuticals, in relation to your injury.
  • Request for Assistance: Form to complete when claiming reimbursement, for items or services other than travel or pharmaceuticals, in relation to your injury.
  • Request for Transport Costs: Reimbursement form to claim travel costs as a result of your injury.
  • Resolving Issues: Explains the process for complaints and reviews.
  • Review Hearings: Explains the process of a review hearing.
  • Statutory Declaration: A legal written statement that a person (the declarant) signs and declares to be true and correct in the presence of an authorised witness (Justice of the Peace).


Can I choose to be managed by ACC?

For work related claims where your employer is in the Accredited Employer Programme (AEP), you cannot choose to be managed by ACC.
Yes for non-work claims.

Who is managing my claim? How do I contact them?

Your Case Owners name will be at the bottom of any Wellnz correspondence. If you are not sure contact us by email,, or call 0508 INJURY (0508 465 879) and we can put you in touch with your Case Owner. If you can provide your claim number, employer or date of birth, it would help us identify your Case Owner.

My provider has asked me to pay for a surcharge that I don’t think I need to pay?

Each provider has their own policy and procedures when it comes to consultation fees and you may have to pay this. However if your employer does pay surcharges, Wellnz will reimburse this to you. You will be required to complete the reimbursement form, and the bank details form if this is your first time claiming a reimbursement.

I am still waiting to receive a reimbursement, why?

Our reimbursements are usually paid the week of the 10th of the month following receipt or your request for reimbursement. If you are waiting on a reimbursement to come through, contact your Case Owner, and they can advise you of the status of it. Please make sure you submit electronic confirmation of your bank account.

If I disagree with a decision Wellnz has made, how do I dispute this?

The review process is outlined in the Resolving Issues document. We also have an Application for Review and a fact sheet about Review Hearings.

I’d like to provide feedback, how do I do this?

We’d like to hear from you – whether it be good feedback, something you’re not happy with or anything in between.

You can contact us in a few ways:

  • Directly to your Case Manager or Claims Coordinator
  • Ask for their manager’s details
  • Email (if using this method, please provide some identifying details so we can get your feedback to the correct team)

We also run a customer satisfaction survey twice a year (January and July), for any customers engaged with us in the prior 6 month period. This is a good chance to let us know about your full experience with us. We are always looking at ways we can improve and ensure you receive the best possible service.

Can we receive payment via cheque?

As of October 2020 we no longer issue cheques, instead opting for direct debit to make payments. If you need to give us your banking details, these can be sent to