Wellnz put your people first. We work with you to support the rehabilitation of your injured employees.

To support the management of your workplace injuries, Wellnz can help you take advantage of the ACC Accredited Employers Programme, explain the options available to you and provide you with all the support required.

Through our experienced Case Managers, Wellnz will:

  • Facilitate the rehabilitation of your injured employees
  • Get them back to work up to four times faster than with ACC
  • Reduce your costs

You gain transparency, control and support over the health and wellbeing of your people. Furthermore, you will reduce administration and time spent managing staff injuries.

Talk to us today and let us tailor a workplace injury management solution to your business, budget and objectives.

Latest News

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    Employee Satisfaction Survey Results 2021

    Our latest satisfaction survey results are out and they continue to outline the excellent work our team does, but also pave the way for where we can improve in the future. Read more.

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    Employee Satisfaction Survey Results 2020

    Wellnz continues to play an active role in seeking employee feedback on the service we provide. With our latest satisfaction survey results, we have seen that Wellnz are leading the market in terms of positive feedback and overall satisfaction. For full results, read more here.

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    Increasing ACC Costs for Large Employers

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    Mental Health Return to Work Programmes: In action

    Wellnz, with approval from the client, have produced a case study to detail a recent example of where the client initiated their Return to Work Programme. The case study covers…

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    Cheques are no longer

    As of 1 October 2020, Wellnz will no longer provide cheques as a form of payment. Find out what to do if this affects you here.

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    Securing Health Management Services

    Well before the onset of COVID-19 there was a growing need to start exploring ways on how we can deliver health management services in a more efficient and cost-efficient way.

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    Employee Satisfaction

    Wellnz has proven itself to be the market leader in both return to work rates and customer satisfaction.…

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    ACC Levy Changes

    ACC levy consultation was completed for 2019-21 levies years and changes approved by Government. Overall the average work levy is decreasing 7%.…

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    Wellbeing Made Easy

    At Wellnz, we understand the complexities that come with managing people. Add to that – injury management, absenteeism management and general wellbeing, and you have a need to tap into experience that you can trust to take care of your people.…

Your Benefits

Wellnz works for you, to achieve the best possible results for you and your people. Instead of trying to fit your business into a one size fits all solution, we tailor our services to suit your needs and priorities.

Through our proactive case management and unique model, Wellnz can achieve the best return to work results, reduce the total cost of your claims and most importantly provide the care that your staff deserve.

The benefits of using Wellnz include:

  • 20 years experience
  • Best performing third party administrator
  • Unique case management model
  • Access to top level nationwide providers
  • Client centric focus
  • Fast return to work to ensure employees are earning to their full potential
  • Lost time
  • Costs
  • Administration
  • Productivity
  • Staff wellbeing
  • Morale