Injury and Illness Management

Wellnz can support your staff to reduce absenteeism and health costs. We can design and implement a programme of injury and illness management that can stimulate significant changes in the health and work behaviour of your employees.

Injury and illness management programmes have been proven to:

  • Reduce unplanned leave
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Reduce work-related accidents
  • Reduce ACC premiums
  • Reduce health costs
  • Improve productivity

Wellnz can provide:

  • Pre-employment health assessments
  • Discomfort management
  • Co-ordination and administration
  • Health risk assessments
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Case management of high risk employees
  • Co-ordination of service providers
  • Arranging seminars and workshops
  • Ongoing health monitoring and reassessments
  • New employee education
  • Health policy development and implementation

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