ACC Accredited Employers Programme

The ACC Accredited Employers Programme enables companies to take over management of their workplace injuries from ACC. Instead of retaining the expertise in-house to achieve this, Wellnz can handle all the day-to-day case management of every injury while at the same time save you significant money.

The ACC Accredited Employers Programme costs less because you only pay for the treatment and rehabilitation of whatever actual injuries occur, rather than a larger premium to cover a theoretical maximum of injuries. Any company paying $150,000 or more in ACC premiums could be eligible to join the ACC Accredited Employers Programme.

Example of a recent company to join the ACC Accredited Employers Programme:

Cost to remain with ACC Cost of ACC Accredited Employers Programme Benefit
ACC Standard Levy $429,750 ACC Partnership Levy $98,000
Plus Experience Rating Loading (33%) $143,250 Plus claims estimates $150,000
Less WSMP Audit Discount (20%)
$114,600 Plus Wellnz claims management fees $95,000
Total Cost to remain with ACC $458,400 Total Cost of ACC Accredited Employers Programme $343,000 Financial Benefit $115,000

The ACC Accredited Employers Programme provides two options:

Partnership Discount Plan where employers accept responsibility for payment of claims over a fixed period (1 or 2 years).

Full Self-Cover Plan where employers assume financial liability at the end of the claims management period (2 to 5 years) in return for a greater premium discount.

Wellnz will handle the day-to-day management of your ACC Accredited Employers Programme, including:

  • Claims administration
  • Data and claims management systems
  • Customised claims management reporting
  • Service provider payments
  • Management of service providers to agreed quality standards and performance
  • Claims management
  • Case management
  • Claims statistical analysis
  • Review hearings
  • Injury prevention
  • Health & safety advice and training

We can also conduct a feasibility analysis to assess whether the programme would be of benefit to your company, and/or a pre-entry gap analysis to audit your current health and safety, and rehabilitation processes, systems, and procedures to identify system gaps and potential solutions. To have a complimentary Cost Benefit Analysis completed, email your latest ACC invoice and Claims History to

For more information on the ACC Accredited Employers Programme contact us.

Why join the ACC Accredited Employers Programme?

The ACC Accredited Employers Programme offers you the ability to actively support and participate in the rehabilitation of your injured employees. The ACC Accredited Employers Programme opens the door for communication and effective rehabilitation.

Through the ACC Accredited Employers Programme you have the ability to manage your businesses own financial risks and liability.

By participating in the rehabilitation process, you can help your staff back to work faster. Increasing productivity levels, reducing lost time, and decreasing staff lost wages (20%).

And, as an added bonus you no longer are subject to Experience Rating which can be loaded as much as 75%.

Why choose Wellnz?

Wellnz treats every claim as complex until proven otherwise. This ensures that every injured employee is assigned an experienced, qualified Case Manager from day one.

Through Wellnz you get access to fast, efficient and caring healthcare providers including occupational specialists.

We will provide you with a dedicated team who are driven to produce the best outcomes for your business. Your team involves you in the decision making process and ensure that all parties end with the best possible outcome.

Wellnz is ISO 9001 Quality Certified, assuring you are receiving the best possible service.