Managed ACC Coverage

It is possible to retain ACC Coverage while Wellnz manages your workplace injury claims. This option enables you to control whatever situations arise by using our support and management, while ACC remains liable for any potential claims. Our expert Case Managers will support and co-ordinate individual rehabilitation plans for your employees with a view to minimising the impact of injuries on you and your staff. You gain direct access to qualified Case Managers who remain on-call to help you handle every case, every step of the way.

This service is suited to employers who cannot enter the ACC Accredited Employers Programme and/or employers that have an Experience Rating Loading, but require specialist help with staff rehabilitation or assessment.

Wellnz can assist in all aspects of the management of your injured employees including:

  • Claims management
  • Access to medical providers
  • Return to work programmes
  • Claims reviews

For more information on Managed ACC Coverage contact us.