Securing Health Management Services

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Well before the onset of COVID-19 there was a growing need to start exploring ways on how we can deliver health management services in a more efficient and cost-efficient way.

As a matter of course our health system delivers a quality service, but it is not equal throughout the country, and in some cases there are long delays in receiving service. The delivery of health management services has often been predicated on physical contact with the health provider.

NZProvide has sought to deliver a service, in a more cost-effective manner, with the objectives of:

  1. Attending to the ill or injured parties’ needs, quickly and efficiently
  2. Expediting an early return to work
  3. Minimising illness and absenteeism

The COVID-19 pandemic has particularly disrupted health management services. Including significant delays to access a GP, with often no other medical support or guidance available in the interim and employees’ personal GPs unwilling to provide clearance for an employee to return to work. As New Zealand moves between Alert Levels, new norms and standards will require many to accelerate their planning. Over the coming months businesses will be faced with challenges and changes including many continuing to work from home, continued social distancing measures, travel restrictions, and other logistical challenges.

To facilitate the new norm we are excited to share our options on how health management services can be delivered in the future. Connecting quickly with a health provider is central to the offering. We have put in place the following “Telehealth Services”.

  1. GP Telehealth service
  2. Telehealth Psychiatrist service
  3. Telehealth Occupational Physician service

Our Telehealth services provide consistent, quality and fast access to experienced practitioners with one call.

Our GP Telehealth service offers experienced practitioners, able to provide virtual consultations for any illness or injury as well as providing prescriptions, laboratory testing or any other referral required as part of the consultation. Our Telehealth Psychiatrist service offers access to New Zealand’s leading practitioners in industry leading timeframes. And our Occupational Physician provides for virtual consultation with a leading Physician able to provide a determination on fitness for work or any other Occupational Health matter.

In these unprecedented times, telehealth services are vital to secure health management services, benefiting both employers and employees alike by offering rapid access to quality and consistent care delivered by highly experienced and industry leading experts.

For more information please contact NZProvide on 0508 697 768 or by email at