ACC Non-Work Programme

by Sarah Jones

sporting injury image

In December 2015, ACC announced the embedding of the then, ACC Non-Work Pilot as a Programme. Accredited Employers can now nominate a Third Party Administrator (TPA) to manage their non-work related injury claims. The TPA selected must be the same as the TPA who manages their work related claims, and self managing employers cannot self manage their non-work claims but must elect a TPA.

Wellnz is the highest performing TPA in the programme. ACC had set two KPI’s for TPA’s to reach:

  • Reduce days lost by an average of 5/claim
  • From 1 July 2015, 70 Day Rate for close claims to 75%
Wellnz’s results were:
  • Reduced days lost by an average of 8.5/claim – the only TPA to meet and exceed the KPI
  • Rolling 12 month average 70 Day Rate of 74.5% and trending upwards
  • Weekly Compensation Abatement rates at nearly 50% – ACC are at 20%
  • 2,100 claims: 3 reviews, 2 complaints (dismissed)

We are happy to have many new clients join us in 2016 in the Non-Work Programme and we are currently working hard to put in place the resources we need to ensure we continue to exceed the set KPIs.