ACC Levy Consultation

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ACC have commenced levy consultation for the 2019-2021 years. Whilst the average work account levy is set to decrease on average by 7% , there are a number of changes that may affect your business.

Removal of Acc Discount Products

From 1 April 2019 employers will no longer receive a 10% to 20% levy discount for meeting safety standards. There is no replacement for these products.

Changes to ACC Experience Rating

Employers who pay over $10k ACC work levy could receive a discount of up to 50% or a loading of up to 75% of their work account levy. From 1/4/19 ACC are proposing to increase the loading to 100%. For small employers there is the removal of a no claims discount. The only alternative option for large employers is the Accredited Employer Programme (AEP).

If any of these changes affect your business, please contact us.