Are [employer]’s surcharges covered?

Some employers choose to cover surcharges over and above their ACC requirement. If your patient does not know if their employer covers this portion it may be best to charge in accordance with your policy and procedures. Wellnz will reimburse them if entitled.

Alternatively you can call the Wellnz mainline on 0508 465 879 and one of our staff members will be able to advise whether the surcharge is covered.

How are payments made to providers?

Payments received in the current month will be paid the week of the 20th of the following month. Wellnz act on the behalf of the employer. All authorised invoices in that month require approval by the employer. Wellnz then release payment the week of the 20th.

If you have submitted an invoice and have a query please email

*TIP: Get all your invoices to us by the end of the month

Do I need a purchase order for an invoice?

For work related injuries – you can simply use the claim number. This can either be the ACC claim number (two letters followed by five numbers) or the Wellnz claim number (two letters followed by six numbers).

For non-work injuries – you need to be sure to bill ACC, not Wellnz. Use the 7 digit purchase order number, the service code and the ACC claim number (11 digit number). If you’re unsure of these details, be sure to contact Wellnz.

I am still waiting to receive a reimbursement, why?

Our reimbursements are usually paid the week of the 10th on the following month. If you’re waiting on a reimbursement to come through, contact your Case Owner and they can advise you on the status of it.

If I disagree with a decision Wellnz has made, how do I dispute this?

The review process is outlined in the Resolving Issues document. We also have an Application for Review and a fact sheet about Review Hearings. We would encourage you to talk to your Case Owner, or someone in your Safety & Wellbeing team in the first instance, to help work through your queries and ensure you understand the decision.