Treatment Requests

At times claimants may require approval for other medical interventions including:

  • Surgery
  • Scans
  • Further physio sessions

Requests for approval of these can be sent to If known, the claim number needs to be included in the email to ensure we are able to quickly locate, and forward your request to the Case Owner.

Specifically for further treatment requests, such as physio, these can be either by an ACC32 or in writing providing the following information:

  • How many sessions do you require?
  • How many have they had to date?
  • Why are more sessions required?
  • What has been achieved, to date, with the completed sessions?
  • What do you anticipate achieving by the extra sessions?
  • What are the goals and dates these will be achieved by ie: 12 sessions to achieve the following goals (outline these) in 3 weeks.

You can either email this to or to the Case Owner’s email address (if known) for the injured person you are working with.