We strive to take prompt action to ensure our valued providers are paid in a timely manner. The following are some tips that would assist to make the process as smooth as possible.

  • We have a dedicated email for sending new invoices following services: We would appreciate your prompt invoicing following completion of the service, as employers may not consider services invoiced well after the service date.
  • To keep processing as simple as possible, please ensure invoices detail only one patient per invoice. More than one patient on an invoice can hold up processing and also creates privacy risk.
  • Please do not send claim related information or ACC45 injury claim forms to the invoices inbox. This is for invoice processing only and can delay any investigations or decisions for your patient.
  • Please only send invoices to this inbox once. If you haven’t received payment in the week of the 20th, following the month you submitted it, then call us or send a query to

Queries relating to invoices you have previously submitted, can be sent to You can also request a remittance advice, changes to your account or contact details etc at

If you find that you are not getting a response from us within a reasonable timeframe or are experiencing any issues regarding your payments or our service, please raise your concerns by contacting a Wellnz leader, or sending an email noting your complaint to

Non-Work Claims: Wellnz manage some non-work injuries on behalf of ACC. This means ACC continue to fund treatment for the claim and rehabilitation. Invoices for these claims must be made out to ACC and sent to ACC for payment.